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Have never been evicted by an agent/lessor.
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Have no outstanding debt to another agent/lessor
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I, the applicant:

Acknowledge that my personal contents insurance is not covered under any lessor insurance policy/s and understand that it is my responsibility to insure my own personal belongings
Understand that you as the agent/lessor have collected this information for the purpose of determining whether I am a suitable tenant for the property - in particular to check my identification, my ability to care for the property, my character and my creditworthiness.
For such purposes, I authorise you to contact the persons named in this application, and to undertake such enquiries and searches (including tenancy databases searches) as you consider reasonably necessary
In doing so, I understand that information provided by me may be disclosed to, and further information obtained from, referees named in this application and other relevant third parties.
Consent and understand that should my tenancy be accepted and upon commencement of the tenancy agreement, there may be cause for the agent/lessor to pass my details onto others which may include (but is not limited to) insurance companies, body corporates, contractors, other real estate agents, salespeople and tenancy default databases
Acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a), the standard terms and any special terms before completing this application.
Acknowledge that I have received or have available the Information Statement (Form 17a), body corporate by-laws (if applicable) before completing this application.
Acknowledge that I have signed the agency's Privacy Notice and Consent.
Acknowledge that the lessor and applicant (tenant) are bound by this agreement immediately upon communication of either the lessor or agent's acceptance of the application.
Consent to the use of email and facsimile in accordance with the provisions set out in Chapter 2 of the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001 (Qld) and the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cth);
Declare that the above information is true & correct and that I have supplied it of my own free will.

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